Welcome to KAK! The Royal Automobile Club!

Kungliga Automobil Klubben, KAK, was founded in 1903 by Count Clarence von Rosen and in 1908 King Gustav V awarded the Club its Royal title.

In June 1904 the Club arranged the first Swedish car race. Only five of the 10 participating cars made the whole race Stockholm – Uppsala – Stockholm.

In February 1906 the Club arranged the first endurance race under hard conditions between Stockholm and Gothenburg. This was the first of the classic and internationally acclaimed Winter Trials that were to be held 16 times until 1930.  The Club participated in the technical development of cars, testing fuel and mechanical solutions.

From 1910 onwards the Club has been used as experts in trafic-related matters and could influence the development of Swedish motoring in a positive way. The Club’s history thus mirrors that of Swedish motoring itself!

Today the Club is a national charitable non-profit organization with the primary purpose of promoting the healthy development of Swedish motoring. We are concerned with responsibility issues pertaining to cars and traffic, we are active within motor sports and we arrange a number of social club activities. The three elements combine to make it attractive to support KAK with a membership .

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you be interested in the Club or if you require further information.

We welcome applications for membership from foreign persons residing in Sweden or elsewhere.

Wilhelm Douglas
Secretary General

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